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We're always looking for influencers on Instagram, Pinterest & in the lifestyle blogging community. We're excited you are interested in becoming an Influencer for Kate & Audrey!

Please fill out the form if interested and scroll to the bottom to see our current offering to influencers!

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Our current offering for partnering with Kate & Audrey

One (1) free piece of clothing per run.
  • You keep it, it's yours!
  • Kate & Audrey will send you a list of choices when a run is ordered for our store.
    • We will try to meet everyone's first choice each run and will consult with you based on our availability and goals.
    • A run is typically one month (30 days). Depending on our designers availability, runs may vary.
    • Offers may vary depending on follower size.
    A unique discount code you receive store credit towards.
    • For every sale produced by your code, you receive $2.00 in store credit. The balance you accrue can be used for yourself or to give away in promotions to your followers.