The Clarence Utility Jacket At Our Online Boutique

Online Boutiques

Meet The Clarence, our signature olive colored utility jacket. Available at our online boutique, Kate & Audrey! The Clarence is 100% cotton with a flannel print lined hood. It has a zipper and button front closure, along with two front pockets and a drawstring waist. It is the perfect staple for Autumn weather.

This jacket runs for up to $120 at other retailers online and you can get it at Kate & Audrey for way, way less. It's soft and sturdy feel allow you to feel comfortable during brisk Autumn days and it can be worn with nearly any style. The Clarence looks sophisticated alongside neutrals like beige, tan and maroon. It also is flattering for most skin tones!

Be sure to shop at Kate & Audrey when you are looking for an online boutique to purchase your next utility jacket from!